PRET-AUX-PARTICULIERS, an innovation to finance your projects


PRET-AUX-PARTICULIERS is the first private lending platform. Ella was founded in November 2002 and received the precious approval of the national bank of the Netherlands.

The principle is simple: allow households with savings to finance the personal loans of other households. The interest is then paid to investors, PRET-AUX-PARTICULIERS playing the trusted third party. With this solution, finance changes its face to endorse a more responsible dimension.
As for the Borrowers, the abolition of the banking intermediary allows PRET-AUX-PARTICULIERS to offer a loan with one of the most competitive rates on the market. The online subscription process is fast and secure. The financing decision is made within a maximum of 72 hours after receipt of the borrower's complete file.

By dispensing with the banking intermediary, everyone wins!

Whatsapp: +441382250366